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Food is what we are about at Blacon Beacon!

We believe that having a good, healthy diet is important not only for our physical health, but also for our mental health and well-being.  Therefore, we want to make sure everyone in Blacon has access to affordable, fresh, good quality food.  Sometimes, if we're on a tight budget, it can be hard to afford what's on the shelves of the local supermarkets.  So, we provide food for our members at an affordable and greatly discounted price. 

How can we afford this? 


Some of the food has been donated to us, and some we have bought using the membership fees received. Because we are a charity, our overheads are not the same as a business, so we're able to keep prices down that way too.

Members with a family membership receive approximately £25 worth of food (average retail price) per week, for a subscription of £5 per week. Single members will pay £3 per week and receive approximately £15 worth of food. 

To find out more about becoming a member click here


Other things we do with food

Since we started we have also been able to serve the community by delivering hot meals every few months and we just started a 1/2 term recipe kit where you get a recipe and all the ingredients needed to make a delicious healthy meal! 

We've been part of the Slow Cooker Club and have given out slow cooker sets to people that want easy and affordable ways to make healthy and yummy food and pre-covid we did start some cooking classes which we hope to do again when restrictions ease up.

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