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Our History

Back in early 2018 discussions began in Blacon about problems with being able to buy good quality fresh food at a reasonable, affordable price, and a community consultation was held in February of that year.  We talked firstly about the lack of places to buy cheap fresh food, especially fruit and vegetables, and the cost of transport to supermarkets. But then another issue was also raised, what to do with raw ingredients, and how to make a nutritious meal out of basic ingredients.  


In the past there used to be independent stores, where the people working at these stores could show discretion to individuals in the community they knew needed a little help, but unfortunately and sadly that personal local touch has been lost with the bigger supermarkets taking over. This along with the issues raised about food led to a multi-agency discussion about setting up an outlet for affordable fresh food provided by Blacon residents, for Blacon residents.  And finally, Blacon Beacon came into being!

Each week members can pick up a bag of cupboard items like pasta, tins and cereal and also a bag of fresh fruit and veg. Some of the food we give out has been donated to us, either from the public or places like Cheshire Food Hub. We also order in food to make sure our members get a fairly consistent amount of food each time. This is funded by various grants and personal financial donations. 

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