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Take a look what's happening at Blacon Beacon!

CCC June 2.jpg
Chat, Chop and Chew July.jpg

Chat, Chop and Chew

We had over 15 adults joining us for this session.  It was great fun and I loved the stilton (or cheddar cheese for those who don't like stilton!) dumplings and the very healthy vegetable stew- June 2023

The New Store Is Open

At last... the new store is in operation. Exciting stuff! We are incredibly grateful to The National Lottery providing the grant which made it all possible. And a big thanks goes to our team of staff and incredible volunteers who have worked hard to move furniture, construct shelving and stack all this food!

New store.jpg
Christmas meals.jpg

A Christmas Record

We want to give them a huge shout out to Andy and Paula for making more than 320 Christmas meals! Somehow our team managed to squeeze them all into the freezers, ready to be delivered to Blacon families.

Almost There...

Our new shop is nearly finished thanks to Phil Piercy the builder and his team and to NHS Property Services for volunteering their time. The Blacon Beacon Team have been soldiering on on a building site while construction continues. Well done to all!

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