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Sometimes a little bit of advice can go a long way...

We realise it's not always straightforward knowing what to do with food ingredients, so for that reason we have some free recipe cards available to help you. Please ask our friendly volunteers for advice on what to do with the food and raw ingredients you collect from us each week.

In addition, we also have regular courses (Cooking made simple - CMS) which usually last 6 weeks. These courses give you a chance to try out new cooking techniques, and also to think about cooking on a budget. These courses are free for members of Blacon Beacon however, members of the community can also attend for a small fee.


People who take part will not only learn about cooking nutritious meals, they'll also find out how to make best use of ingredients to make tasty, mouthwatering meals when on a tight budget.  We've found people not only feel more skilled at cooking, they also feel better about themselves once they have completed the course. 


If you're interested in joining a CMS course, please click here [link].

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