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Blacon Beacon has been set up exclusively for residents of Blacon, following talks back in 2018 about buying fresh food at a reasonable and affordable price. We also discussed ways we can look at supporting the community by sharing skills which will last a lifetime.


Not only will members of Blacon Beacon receive food, advice and support on a weekly basis, we'll also be holding classes each month, where you can learn how to use raw ingredients and transform them into delicious, home cooked meals to feed the whole family too. 

We want to support the members of our community who need us most and this is where you come in... if you or someone you know may need a little support and advice to assist themselves at home we can help!

To find out more about us and how you can become a member of Blacon Beacon so you can receive food, advice and support please click here...

Learn how to turn a few raw ingredients into an amazing tasty dinner for your family!

“Blacon Beacon is for the residents of Blacon. Through this service we'll be offering food, advice and support for the members of our community.


If you need our support or would like to volunteer your time please get in touch.”

- Rev Tina Upton